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In our present time and age, car care reflects technological advances in both the material construction of modern cars and product technologies, as well as and the challenge of making modern car care products more environmentally friendly. It is a prevalent belief within AutoSpa that achieving amazing car care results simply requires careful consideration of the surfaces being worked on, the use of high quality products and the application of appropriate techniques.

Washing is the process of removing dirt from the exterior surfaces of your car and should usually be undertaken on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. Through experience, AutoSpa has effectively put to use the pros and cons of a lambswool wash mitt in comparison to a traditional sponge, the benefits a microfibre drying towel offers over a traditional chamois leather, the two bucket method, and using a microfibre wash mitt to guarantee a safe and efficient wash, rinse and dry for your car.

Over time, it is likely that automotive paint finishes will become rough to the touch due to the gradual accumulation of various surface impurities that are too ingrained to be removed by normal washing alone. AutoSpa thoroughly checks your car’s exterior to eliminate acquired bonded surface contaminants from your paint, removes stubborn tar spots and baked on bug splatter, and using a clay bar and clay lubricant removes bonded inorganic contaminants safely and effectively rendering your car exfoliated and as good as new.

Polishing is an umbrella term for a range of processes designed to either remove or mask sub-surface paint defects and greatly enhance surface gloss to prepare the surface for sealant or wax protection. AutoSpa guarantees a flawless finish using a variety of techniques in conjunction with numerous compounds, polishes, glazes, and chemical paint cleaners that give your car a sparkling coat of finish.

Paint hardness actually varies considerably between different makes of cars, and sometimes between different ages of the same make and model of car. There are several reasons why this may be so, which is why AutoSpa takes paint hardness carefully into account when polishing, because the selection of unsuitable polishing products and pads may result in either removing too much paint or becoming completely ineffective, rendering your car not up to par and lacking its brilliant lustre.

After cleaning and polishing, all painted surfaces should be protected with either a high quality natural carnauba wax or a synthetic polymer sealant to preserve the long-term quality of the finish. AutoSpa uses both natural carnauba waxes and synethetic polymer sealants, depending on your car’s requirements, to ensure that every car entrusted to us is properly protected, polished and as shiny as a star!

Quick detailing is a term used to explain maintaining the appearance of your car after washes using spray on products that you can directly buff off using a microfibre towel. However, quick detailing is also mistakenly used as a substitute for normal washing and has caused some confusion in terms of taking proper safety measures. AutoSpa accommodates both methods, effectively applying the safety regulations detrimental to their success, ensuring results that’ll leave your car smiling from headlight to headlight.

Rims and tires are exposed to brake dust and road grime on a regular basis and are probably the hardest parts of your car to maintain to a high standard. AutoSpa washes and cleans alloy rims and wheel covers, removes lingering accumulations of brake dust safely and effectively, cleans and protects tires, and applies sealant protection to alloy rims and wheel covers to prevent permanent damage caused by corrosion. Give your car the pedicure it deserves.

Engine bay detailing is rarely high on people’s car-care priority list, probably because it seems like plenty of hard work that very few people will see, or because the task may be too challenging. However, a clean engine bay can add to your car’s resale value and ultimately makes servicing easier. Through the use of degreasers, accurate water pressure and a staff of highly trained individuals, AutoSpa guarantees a purring engine to compliment your sleek finish.

The interiors of cars are often as abused as the exterior surfaces, yet are often neglected in the detailing process. According to a news report not long ago, a very high percentage of cars’ interiors contain levels of dirt and bacteria that are potentially unsafe to human health. AutoSpa ensures the cleanliness and protection of the interior surfaces in your car, including leather and fabric seats and trims, carpets and mats, plastic and vinyl surfaces, and all glass surfaces for spotless car hygiene and an inside and out pampering session!

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