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Answers to the most common questions that we receive about the detailing services we offer can be found in this section, along with more detailed information about the methods and products we use. However, because detailing is such a broad subject we know that we will not have covered everything in as much detail as some customers would like. Therefore, if you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to get in touch - we are here to help.

Traditional valeting services are usually based on low cost, low quality wash and wax services aimed at the masses. However, there are now an ever increasing number of detailing services being offered to more discerning customers, with a shift in emphasis towards specialist techniques such as paint correction and the use of premium products for paint protection. Such services are much more time consuming and require a much greater degree of skill, meaning that they are usually more expensive. However, because the value of used vehicles is greatly affected by the condition of the bodywork, wheels and interior, such work usually pays for itself, particularly on prestige and performance vehicles.

Very few detailing companies in Bahrain offer the same level of professionalism and commitment to their trade as ourselves. We have invested heavily in specialist premises and equipment, formal training, bespoke premium carnauba wax products and comprehensive all risks insurance cover in order to ensure that our customers are in skilled and safe hands. Potential customers should note that we are not amateur enthusiasts; we have a wealth of experience and detailing is our full time profession. Please see the why choose us section of the website for more details.

Our pricing structure is based around our standard hourly labour rate. This in itself is not expensive; most main dealerships charge two to three times as much for labour on repairs and servicing, and their work is no more skilled than our own. Time is the key reason why our prices seem really high. It takes on average 8-10 hours to do an All Surface Protection Detail, rising to between 16-20 hours for a Minor Paint Correction Detail and 30-40 hours or more for a Major Paint Correction Detail. However, rather than charge an hourly rate, we instead prefer to operate a fixed price menu of services, so as to ensure our customers know exactly what they will be paying in advance, no matter how long the detail actually takes (and some have been known to take well over 40 hours!).

How do we justify our prices? Firstly, because we have proven ourselves publicly time and time again to be the most talented professional detailers in the Gulf, delivering outstanding results on every single detail that we undertake - please see examples of our latest work that demonstrate this. Secondly, because the high quality of our work frequently adds considerable value to the vehicles we work on, meaning that such work largely pays for itselfs. Thirdly, because we are experienced professionals who understand the importance of trust and respect, and who have invested heavily in specialist facilities, equipment and all risks insurance cover in order to ensure that our customers and their vehicles are in the safest hands.

Sadly, it is all too common for brand new vehicles to be delivered to customers with any number of defects present in the paint, such as fine scratches and polishing holograms leftover from the production line. It is equally disappointing that many dealerships do not have the time or skills available on-site to correct these defects prior to handover; instead, all that is typically offered is a basic valet (which often does more harm than good) and a low quality 'lifetime' protection package.

We are happy to take on preparation work for new car deliveries and ensure that you receive your vehicle in perfect condition with the very best surface treatments applied from the outset. Protecting the bodywork and alloy wheels properly from day one will ensure that they remain easy to keep clean over the first six to twelve months of ownership, and will also help to prevent harmful acidic contaminants like bird droppings and bug remains from etching the paint.

Maintaining paint to a high swirl free standard is dependent on two key factors. The first is the use of high quality car care products, whose properties are proven, and the second is good technique, which must be learnt. Based on our experiences with our own cars and overseeing maintenance plans for our customers, we have found that it is possible to keep paint virtually swirl free up to 18-24 months at a time, even with regular washing. Many of the techniques we advocate for safe and effective washing can be found in the relevant guide in the seek advice section of the website. In addition, we are always happy to offer one to one advice (and even tuition if necessary) in order to ensure that our customers are able to safely and effectively maintain the finish we leave them with.

It is never too late to make a vast improvement to the condition of sound paint by careful machine polishing and wetsanding. In cases where sub-surface defects are very severe, the limiting factor is always paint depth. If the defects lie wholly within the uppermost layer of paint (either the pigment layer in older single stage paint systems or the clearcoat in modern paint systems) then there is a very high likelihood of achieving a 95% level of correction or better. In cases where such defects penetrate to no more than 25% of the depth of the uppermost layer of paint, then there is a high likelihood of achieving a 99% level of correction or better. Many of our customers have been completely amazed at the level of correction we can achieve, and in numerous cases we have done away with the apparent need for bodyshop attention; please see examples of our latest work that demonstrate this.

One of the things that has struck us as odd over the last few years is that the vast majority of concours level cars we have seen, no matter how clean and well presented, have always seemed to have sub-standard paint in terms of featuring visible sub-surface defects like swirl marks and scratches. It is almost as if paint condition doesn't matter at such events as long as the bodywork has a decent shine and the rest of the car is perfect in terms of cleanliness and originality. We beg to differ! The bodywork is the most visible part of any car and is indeed the fundamental element that defines many cars in terms of their aesthetic beauty and appeal.

The bodywork is the first thing most people assess when they see a vehicle at a show or an event, so it is important to ensure that the paint looks flawless. Using modern polishes and sanding equipment, we are able to achieve a 99% level of correction on most paint types, old or new. So, unless paint is already in flawless condition, we guarantee that we can make it look much better, both in terms of the outright level of shine and the near complete removal of visible sub-surface defects; please see examples of our latest work that demonstrate this.

Our philosophy is simple; we only sell products that we know to work very well based on our own professional experience. This greatly benefits our retail customers, in that we only offer products whose properties and performance are proven, but also means we are able to provide our detailing customers with comprehensive maintenance kits upon request.

Can’t make it to the Spa? No problem! AutoSpa Direct is prepared to undertake the job at your home or office. In order to guarantee the quality of our work, AutoSpa Direct only offers Classic Detail and Prestige Detail services away from our premises, whereby Vintage detail can only be performed at the Spa. Contact our service advisor today to book the AutoSpa Direct service plan that suits you best.

When requested, we are able to offer a fully insured collection and delivery service to customers living or working within thirty minutes of our premises. However, in all cases, rather than simply return the car after the work is done, we will offer to collect customers and bring them to our Spa to view their vehicles before they drive them away again. This is because we take a great deal of pride in our work and would rather our customers see their freshly detailed cars in an immaculate and pristine state in our Spa as opposed to potentially sullied after the drive back to work or home. In cases where this is not possible, we try to ensure we take a selection of beautiful Spa photographs for the owner to enjoy instead.

Whilst we post some of our work in the our latest work section of the website, we are quite happy to adhere to strict confidentiality and privacy agreements when requested. In addition, whenever we do use images of our customers' cars for promotional purposes we always distort or blank out registration plates in order to ensure anonymity.

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