Facts about Zymöl products

Zymöl is an auto care company with a long standing tradition. The formula was originally invented in Bischofsheim in Germany, with all manufacturing facilities now being moved to the USA. For many years, the Zymöl brand has been synonymous with quality, elegance and protection. The turning point was at the world famous Pebble Beach Concours Show in 1990, where Zymol prepared Ralph Lauren's Bugatti 57 SC that won the “Best Of Show” Award. The car surprised the jury with its flawless appearance and previously unparalleled splendor. Zymöl gained its newfound respect and fame.

Zymöl products are unique because of their completely natural composition. Their production uses only ingredients of plant origin, particularly the valuable Brazilian Carnauba. Many other manufacturers use the shining properties of this plant, promoting their products’ Carnauba presence in their composition. However, attention should be paid to its percentage in relation to other components. It is usually not more than 2%. Zymöl waxes contains up to 70% Carnauba. The obvious advantage of the natural composition is the absence of any solvents, abrasives or silicon - this is the beauty of Zymöl, not drawing any health and safety concerns. Many customers are initially surprised by the possibility of achieving major changes to the appearance of paint using natural ingredients. But soon they discover the amazing properties that the Zymöl formula has.


recommended by members of the Porsche Club of America, BMW and Mercedes Benz.

Currently, every Aston Martin and Koenigsegg is Zymöled before leaving the factory

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100% Protection

Coatings currently being used by car manufacturers are much more delicate than their predecessors. Therefore, ensuring adequate protective coating on new cars is all the more important. Waxes with a high content Carnauba are associated with varnish to create a very hard mold (Carnauba in its natural state is harder than concrete). This layer of Carnauba very effectively protects against scratches, chips and dirt, effectively reflecting UV lacquer to protect against loss of color depth.

100% Natural

Zymöl waxes are characterized by the world's largest content of Carnauba. The natural formula creates a smooth, glossy water repellent coating. Zymöl Glazes and especially the Vintage Glaze applied to a surface will last from 6 to 12 months. To retain the car in its perfect condition, it’s recommended to use Zymöl Clear shampoo with a neutral pH and a special sponge, microfiber towel for regular washing.

100% Waterproof

Carnauba seals in the paintwork and closes its pores. This way, there is no possibility of water seepage onto the body panels. Carnauba characteristics reject all water, easily running off the surface during washing or rain, leaving the paint intact.

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